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“The Million-Dollar Speech”

You’re rushing to the biggest business conference of the year. All suited up.

The event hall is right there — just across a small park.

But the taxi is not moving… It’s a total traffic jam.

You jump out of the car and start sprinting through the park.

Suddenly, a bright orange leaf falls in front of you.

You stop, look down, and see a big puddle of mud…

One more step and your whole event would’ve been ruined.

*Inhale, exhale*

You carefully arch your step over the puddle, and the next minute you deliver the best speech of your career!

This leaf is my copy. 

Attention-grabbing even in the busiest situations…

And that puddle is a symbol of your prospect’s fears and challenges.

Together we’ll guide them and help them overcome these challenges.

– Kenneth Parkja

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